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Industry Expertise
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The dynamics regulating the pharmaceutical sector has radically changed in the last decade: the national public health systems of the western countries have increased the expenditure’s control. In this context the costs/ benefits ratio is now a pivotal factor in determining the success of a given medicine.

In Italy, whereas regions have the duty to manage autonomously the health budget, local governments have acquired and they are still acquiring an increased autonomy and a deeper expertise in the government of pharmaceutical assistance. Market Access has born with a two-fold goal: New professionals, the Regional Affairs Managers, cope with the implementation of win/ win projects with political-sanitary clients through Project Management paths aimed at assure to their drugs a place in the regional listing.

In addition to the regional and local laws mapping and to the lobbying activities at every institutional levels, studies evaluating costs/ benefits and the overall impact of a given drug on public health budget are more and more relevant. Nowadays, Market Access is a strategic lever able to stimulate company’s growth by: For further information feel free to contact us at